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Donation for Drought relief to Chief Minister

"Tejaswini" - A story of 58 successful women

Meeting with Madhukar Bhave Chief Editor of Prahaar

Lokmat Legacy Award to Mane family for contribution to the Society

Rotary event at Kalwan village, Nashik, to honor social workers in the the region

Felicitation of Mr. Bhimrao Panchale (Gazal Nawaz) by Origin Foundation

Swami Yogachittam Saraswati ( Advisor of Origin Foundation) doing better living camp at Sharad Pawar Public School, Nashik

Deepshikha - Dr. Sandeep Mane felicitating the special achievements of Social Workers in Mumbai

Discussion of Aanandwan Legacy with Dr. Vikas Amte

Best Professional of the year Award, London

Lokmat Icon of Thane Award to Dr. Sandeep Mane

FRCOG Convocation London

Dr. Mane and Dr. Koh-USA

Training of Doctors