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About / Dr. Sandeep Mane

Dr. Sandeep Mane

Dr. Sandeep Mane has, over the years, gathered a number of accolades and achievements in the field of Fertility and is one of the Best IVF Doctor in India and is an Infertility Specialist. His expertise and experience has made The Origin Fertility a reputed name in Fertility Treatments.


  • Royal College (London) certified Laparoscopic Surgeon,
  • UK Royal College (London) certified Hysteroscopic Surgeon, UK
  • Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
  • The Origin International Fertility Clinic, India
  • Surgical Skills Training In-Charge, London, UK

    Personal Achievements

  • FRCOG at young age
  • Bharat Jyoti Award
  • Nominated for the Asian Achievers Award for the Gold Professional of the Year, London
  • Lokmat Ikon of Thane Award
  • Lokmat Thane Legacy Award
  • Rotary Awards

  • Best project award – This included projects on women’s health, pregnancy, fertility, cosmetic surgery, anaemia prevention, children education
  • Best Director Award – 2009-2010 – Community Services-Medical Director
  • Vocational Excellence Award by Rotary Club of Dombivli city



    Completed MD in India & Worked in UK / USA For 12 Years at

  • Royal Free Hospital, London
  • Birmingham Womens hospital
  • University College Hospital, London
  • University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
  • Hospitals in Atlanta and Wisconsin, USA
  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, LONDON



  • To organize health events relevant to women and child health
  • To conduct camps to offer free treatment for women and children
  • To work in association with other organizations to enhance womens health

  • Fertility

  • To conduct fertility camps in rural / urban areas to offer fertility treatment for the rich and the poor
  • To take donations from pharmaceutical companies to be able to offer free treatment and medications to the poor and the needy
  • To conduct television programmes to create awareness amongst the masses

  • Education

  • To publish books
  • To publish awareness leaflets
  • To prepare educational videos for medical and social awareness purpose

  • Training

  • To organize training courses / CMEs in the field of Surgery, Womens health, Fertility skills, Ultrasound scanning
  • To organize scientific conferences for exchange of knowledge
  • To purchase equipment for training purpose

  • Research

  • Can participate in conducting research in association with any organization Can fund such research projects
  • Conduct surveys on social and medical issues for social/medical improvement
  • Sponsor employees to attend conferences and scientific meetings to gather knowledge
  • The help/Assist outside schools to educate students, trainees and professionals

  • Art

  • To promote Gazals, Classical singing, Classical Dancing
  • To help upcoming artists by giving scholarships / Loans for their development
  • To arrange competitions/Awards to promote talent, art and encourage youth
  • To involve in activities to promote Indian culture

  • Media

  • To use print and electronic media for the trust promotion
  • To have a website and promote the trust in social media
  • To hire professional services as media and event management
  • To produce television serials and movies for mass education purpose

  • Donations

  • To accept donations from Indian or foreign individuals/corporates or any such Organization
  • To accept donations from Indian or foreign individuals/corporates or any such Organization
  • The trust can acquire land in the form of donation

  • Investments

  • The trust can purchase land, agricultural or Non-agricultural with the aim of Investment or self utilization
  • The trust can invest into properties, residential, flats or commercial Can invest into stocks, keep fixed deposits, mutual funds and bonds